Denmark / Hillerød

Frederiksborg Gymnasium & Hf is an upper secondary school located in the town of Hillerød. The school has 1300 students aged 16-19 and 130 teachers, and it is an important factor in the region providing local youngsters with an academic education. Our school is thus embedded in and has strong ties to the local community. Our students are mostly middle-class but we also have immigrants, mainly from The Middle East and Africa, who are less privileged. We work hard to prevent them dropping-out, as it is part of the school’s mission to attract and integrate these young people.The school has a strong international profile and has several exchanges in the schoolyear with Europe and India. We have participated in many Comenius projects among these  ”Small Towns in Europe – Challenges and Opportunies”. In this project our students researched several aspects of life in a small town, such as local history, local politics, local business, the environment and leisure opportunities for young people.

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