Germany / Alzey

The Elisabeth-Langgässer-Gymnasium is a secondary school with nearly 1400 students in the south-west of Germany, 50 kilometers away from Frankfurt. Alzey is a small town with 18.000 inhabitants, nearly 70% of our students are coming to school by bus or train – the school has a very large catchment area. Our school is multilingual and we also take part in bilingual education for some subjects (history, political science and geography). We take also part in various partnerships - the Erasmus+ Partner, the Frederiksborg Gymnasium, DK, as well schools in GB, PL, USA, F & China. A smaller part of our students are migrants.

Students: aged from 10 to 20 years, current number: 1400

Teachers: approx. 110

Mission statement: Education for independent and responsible citizens; preparation of our students for the world of work. The academic focus is on Natural sciences and Mathematics; Music projects; Bilingual learning in English and French. Other foreign languages studied are Spanish, Italian, and Latin.

In 2012 we won the nationwide award against mobbing and violence called "Fit in Fair Play”. In 2014 we were awarded the label Mediascouts-School Rhineland-Palatinate. With this award, our work in preparing the students for the requirements of the multimedia world was praised. In the field, prevention work and conflict management by students for students has a high priority. In 2015 we were certified as a European School Rhineland-Palatinate. This underlines our European orientation, which is also documented in numerous exchange programs and the last Comenius participation 2012-2014 with the title  “Small Towns in Europe – Identity, Challenges and Opportunities”.


A smaller part of our students are migrants.

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