Basque Country / Bilbao

Botikazar BHI  a public secondary school with approximately 700 students and 67 teachers. The school is located in the north of Spain, Bilbao (Basque Country) and a wide range of different programs are offered, both academic and vocational. The strategy of Botikazar BHI is aimed at supporting the implementation of the internationalization of student and staff exchange and the introduction of the European dimension in our curriculum. We are a multilingual school; our school not only uses the two official languages on the region, namely Spanish and Basque, but English is taught very successfully in CLIL. Many subjects are taught in English (Laboratory Techniques, Anatomy, Economy, Business, Psychology, Computers, Technical Drawing, History, Literature, Science and Earth Science).

Botikazar BHI offers training for future citizens. There are several transversal programs at school whose aim is the development of active citizenship among students.  In this sense, Bilbao is a city under continuous change, but at the same time it allows increasing inequities about which the school tries to reflect.  In brief, Botikazar BHI and the community around have a big experience and background about active citizenship and innovative practices.

Since 2000 we have made international exchanges and projects (also COMENIUS projects) and have created an international network of partner schools in Europe. We are members of the Europen Net ELOS and many of our teachers are involved in eTwinning projects as well.

Botikazar BHI cooperates with more than 20 different high school exchange places across Europe. It has taken part in the European Programs since the beginning, sending over 250 students on mobility. Apart from that, we have a long term exchanges with other schools in Europe and we send and host an average of 100 students each year. School staff has also engaged actively in mobility actions, mostly in terms of teacher exchanges with other schools.


Our school is not officially located at disadvantaged area but we have many students coming from that type

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