Austria / Schärding

BG/BRG/BORG is a public primary and secondary school located in  Schärding, a small towns in northern Austria. There are about 830 students  from lower to upper secondary classes  and 80 teachers.  The school takes part into several partnerships projects and exchanges in Europe to give students the opportunity to develop international contacts and intercultural skills. It also makes major investments in a range of sports activities.

Gymnasium Schärding provides specifically comprehensive education in the field of computing science. Computers aree used as tools in as many subjects as possible; school makes use of the educational platform Moodle, which provides interaction between students and teachers on the basis of teaching materials and exercises. Foreign languages are taught throughout the different curricula with focus on Latin, Italian French and Spanish other than English. Music is thought and students obligatory join the school choir for 2 years.


The school is a multilingual school with a presence of immigrants and refugees. Some disabled pupils are also present.

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