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ERASMUS +   Preparatory meeting   10th-12th November 2016        Mainz


All coordinators of the participating partner school arrived in Mainz on Thursday, 10th November 2016, so the initial planning in the context of the transnational meeting could start at 3pm.


Thursday, 10th November 2016

The first item on the agenda was the dates und key points for the upcoming project meetings. They were scheduled for the following days: Bilbao, Spain, 10th-14th January 2017, Piazzola sul Brenta, Italy, 28th March-01st April 2017, Ronneby, Sweden, 25th-30th September 2017, Breukelen, the Netherlands, 15th-20th January 2018, and Schärding, Austria, 16th-21st April 2018. The meeting in Austria is the final meeting, at which all coordinators have to be present because the essential aspects for the conclusion of the project need to be discussed. It was also strongly suggested that the coordinators are present in Sweden because an interim conclusion seems reasonable before we reach the final stage of the project.

            For the dates mentioned above, the dates of arrival and departure need to be factored in, so the ideal time of arrival would be one day before the date on the previous Monday. A further item on the agenda of the first day was the times of arrivals and departures during the projects in general. We tried to find a common solution that is acceptable for all national agencies.


Friday, 12th November 2016

The meeting began at 8.30am. The first item on the agenda was the layout for the concluding project book, in which all results and impressions of the meetings are to be collected. The book serves as a compact overview of the entire project. We agreed on the form and layout of the entries during the meeting. Furthermore, we agreed that the book should be printed in a professional manner. The possible ways to finance the final project are to be examined by the coordinating school.

            In addition to that, we talked about the layout of the homepage. We emphasised that the homepage should feature all essential information about the project in a very good manner. We thought about finding a further way to optimise the homepage for the users when it comes to access the topics and different levels. Some of the coordinators are going to incorporate suggestions and then send them to the coordinating school. The possibilities to implement that will be examined then. At the end of the meeting the application form was examined. We tried to find out to what extent the formulated targets and steps have been realised up to now and at which points the work needs to be extended. The preparatory meeting ended at 6.30pm. The participating coordinators went home on the 12th November 2016 at different times.

Preparatory meeting-coordinators-Mainz-program

Small Towns In Europe:

Sharing Innovative Practices

Coordinators-meeting MAINZ    10-12/11/2016

Thursday, 10/11/16





15:00h =>  18:30h                   









Separate transfers to Mainz

for all => see separate document for travelling by train to Mainz


I’ ll pick you up at hotel (Reception) => Hotel HAMMER, KAISERSTRASSE 98, Mainz-Central-Station


Conference at Ketteler-Schule (Siggis school: we’ve been there for EYP-Conference and Preparatoring Meeting, January 2015),  Stefansstraße 2-6, 55116 Mainz


Coffee break  


Hotel Hammer

Walk (15-20 min.) to the Cathedral of Mainz (most of Coordinators knows it)

OR second meeting point – middle of the Market Place in front of the Cathedral/Dome


Friday,    11/11/16



 8:30h – 12.30h


12:30h – 14:00h


14:00h– ~18:00h






I fetch you up at Hotel => walk truth the city to Conference room (or by bus ?).  


Conference at Ketteler-Schule, Stefansstraße 2-6, 55116 Mainz


Break -Lunchtime: Creak Restaurant near to school


Conference at Ketteler-Schule, Stefansstraße 2-6, 55116 Mainz


-Meeting point: Market place at the Cathedral



Saturday, 12/11/16

Final discussion/ conclusions


Second part of the day: End of the meeting!


Agenda for Mainz

The agenda will contain the following themes:

The coming meetings in Basque Country, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Austria.

The book and CD that are going to be published.

Comparing the application forms.

Putting all files for the book in a word data to get a common style (except the brochure that can stay as a pdf)

Planning the program for the last meeting oin Austria.