Poland / Elblag

III LiceumOgólnokształcąceim. Jana Pawła II w Elblągu is a secondary school providing general type of education for students in age 16-19. The average number of students is 460 in three levels (years) and in several profiles: natural sciences (biology and chemistry in advanced level), mathematics and physics  profile, economical profile ( mathematics, geography in advanced level), humanistic profile ( Polish, history, civics in advanced level). The school provides education for students from Elblag and surrounding area, mostly rural. The region is known as the one with the highest level of unemployment (over 20%to 40%) and poverty in Poland. Small towns and villages give little opportunities to the youth in the area of education and career.

Significant number of students receives social and financial support which allows them not only continue education but also help in basic needs. The school provides them educational aid.


There are many students so called "European orphans" whose parents or parent live in other EU countries and work there. Those students often have social and educational problems and are endangered of exclusion.

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