Norway / Høyanger

Høyanger Upper Secondary school has 30 teachers and 170 students aged 16 – 19 in the both general academic - and vocational studies (Electrical Trades, Hairdressing, Engineering and mechanical trades). In addition, we will normally have groups of grown-up students and students of Norwegian as a second language. The school is situated in the centre of Høyanger municipality and is modern and well equipped with a good library, a digital language lab and four computer rooms as well as a multi-media room.


Høyanger rose from industry around 1900 and became a melting pot for people from all over the country and neighbouring countries. Today industry is still very much important, but is supplemented by agriculture, fish farming, and both small scale and up-and-coming industries. The region is focusing on how to attract young workers, entrepreneurs and new businesses, and to keep the established companies as well. The municipality is also taking in both asylum seekers and immigrants so focus on integration is high.

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