Preperations for the meeting in Norway


Dear all

Prior to the meeting in  Norway we want you to have done some thinking and contemplating concerning the theme. As you are well aware of the heading for the meeting is “Why do I go to school?”, and the angle is the transition from education to work life. This again seen through the filters of; why is "drop-out" a growing problem for many schools in Europe, what may be suitable ways of dealing with this (drop-outs), what will tomorrow’s job marked look like, which qualifications are needed, what will be expected from me and how can my school help me be prepared for my future work.  


Together with your teachers you decide if you are to write an essay individually or in groups, or if you want to work on the questions in other manners  – BUT it should be some kind of product that you upload on the website (under "Preperations") prior to the meeting.